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Free Online Tarot Reading

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    If you are worried about your future, then try this 100% FREE online tarot. It will help you uncover the mysteries that surround your past and shapes your current self. Only then you will be able to face the future with confidence.

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    Get your online tarot card reading now for free! | Online Tarot Card Reader

    Recover your faith with my predictions of your life. You will get free readings using this simple tool and be surprised of the results.

    In addition to the tarot card reading, I will also teach you how to connect with the Earth and your protective Angels. This will enlighten you to better understand your future. Take advantage of this right now!.

    Tips to increase the quality of your Tarot reading

    Connect with the Earth

    You have to connect with mother Earth before having your cards read. First, get rid of the bad vibes and attract good energy by squinting your eyes slowly and controlling your breathing. 

    Then, ask mother Earth and your guardian Angels for protection. When you feel a connection, you will be ready to receive glimpses about your destiny in the Tarot reading.

    Inhale and Exhale

    The way you breathe is really important when you are trying to connect to a higher level of consciousness. 

    The key point is relaxing. Put both of your feet flat on the ground and visualize roots coming out of them. Keep growing those roots until they reach deep into the planet’s core.

    When you feel you have reached the center of the planet, close your eyes and breath slowly. Inhale and exhale in periods of 8 to 10. Keep doing this with a blank mind and a feeling of happiness. 

    Think about the question you really want an answer to in your tarot reading

    Empty your mind and imagine a halo of white light expanding from your soul and embracing everything around you with light. 

    This pearly light should concentrate in your heart while giving you a warm feel of peace and security.

    At this moment you will be properly connected with nature and calm enough to start using the online tarot deck. 

    I will also give you an invocation that will guide the tarot reading in your favor. This way you will have a better answer.

    Understand how the cards work

    When you start your online tarot reading you will have to click on 10 cards before shuffling. Do this while respecting the place that each card refers to your question. 

    The first card refers to Money, the second to Love, the third to Work, fourth to Health, fifth to your Future, sixth to your Present, and last for your Destiny.

    On the other hand, the way your tarot card reader shuffles or prepares your cards may vary from one to another, as each one of them prefers to use their own personal code for consecrating their cards.

    One of the most common preparations involves invoking the Forces of the Universe, where a ritual is needed while your tarot cards are being draw and read.

    Other Tips

    If you were in a face-to-face tarot reading, then the tarot card reader would need to clean the cards before starting. This is to ensure that the cards will have your own energy. 

    When the reading ends, the cards have to be ordered numerically, from 0 to 22, to later be stored in a purple velvet bag to prevent contamination of bad energies from the environment.

    The esoteric schools insist that the ability of the person who plays the cards goes a long way, if you want to find out about a particular topic, your client should prepare the letters meticulously and in depth, so that the interpretation is unbeatable.

    Let me tell you, my friend, that the meaning the tarot reader will give you will vary accordingly with the way the cards behave. This includes the symbols that appear on your shuffle, the way the cards are drawn, and many other similar details that hold hidden meanings.

    You have to know as well, that the ability of those whose handle esoteric practices greatly influence your results. This is because time has given the psychic reading ability to see more answers than the cards show.

    The result will greatly improve with the personal appreciation they get from your expressions and what you told them.

    A customized tarot card reading will give you a much wider margin of truth. This kind of reading will make you feel more secure about the answers that you get.

    Keep in mind tough, that the answers given by the cards are not always 100% correct or explicit (even if you use a powerful deck, like a free lotus tarot. 

    There are many factors that can vary the results in a card reading, including the kind of questions you want to know and yourself as a whole.

    If you are too anxious or have to many mixed emotions, the interpretation of your cards may be inadequate or incorrectly understood by the person reading your cards.

    You can see this online tarot card reading as a meteorological prediction. Is not always infallible and cannot prevent the damages the climate will do, but it can instead predict what will happen to you and give you time to prepare for it.

    Dare, right here and now, to face the forecast of your destiny. Enter the esoteric world of divination and investigate your own existence with your intuition and clairvoyance using these online tarot cards.

    Between those cards lies the general and particular answers to the questions you want to know.