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Free Angel Tarot Card Reading

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Did you know that the Tarot of the Angels can help you in times of dire need and when you feel lost? 

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The angels will be the guardians and protectors of your life. Just hold on and focus your faith on those spiritual beings.

Angelic and Fairy Tarot Cards

You can ask the angels now about your concerns. Consult the online oracle for free to find the answers you need and get advise that you have to apply in your life for a better future.

Keep reading, and I will teach you how to contact the angels in a simple and effective way.

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Each card from the angel tarot deck represents a messenger of God that has been with you at different stages of your life. 

When you draw six cards from the deck, the angels represented in those cards will manifest to guide you in the correct path. 


The Angel of the present is in charge of guiding you properly through your current path.

Your inquiry will evoke a reliable response if you turn the card over on the table. Remember to do this to be able to choose the best route for you.


The Celestial Spirit of the past will appear with fragments of events that have occurred in your life. 

This angel will show you the scars in your soul from the past and tell you how to heal them.


With the Archangel of the future, you will find a guardian angel who will constantly protect you and move your steps towards the most convenient path for you. 

Angels and fairies have messages for you that you should receive with positive energy when you draw the tarot cards.

Free angel tarot card readings
Take a look at the following list of archangels and their interpretations within the Tarot


His name means “God is my remembrance”. You must invoke him within your prayer. He will give you serenity and reflection when you meditate.


It means “God enlightens me”. You can connect with him within your prayer and invocation.


Named as the “angel of God’s justice”. He is known for his exceptional memory within the Cosmos and his knowledge of languages ​​and religious creeds.


He is also known as the Angel Binael. His name means “contemplation of the divinities”. He can be contacted through constant prayer.


When this angel shows in your chosen cards, it manifests brotherhood, along with the fraternal virtue and other spiritual attributions. You can reach him with prayers.


This tarot card determines trust, that’s why he is called the “custodian of secrets”. He is related to fidelity and credibility.


If this is one of your selected cards, it means that you will have a divine friendship from someone.


This Archangel represents the “healing God”. Is related to the healing of ailments and affections. He is to be prayed to and invoked daily.


Its name represents the sunlight and the cleansing of the soul, it is known as the guardian of clarity.


When you select this deck the angel manifest itself  as if it were God. He is the most cherished Archangel because of his unconditional Love.


It has different meanings like the “enlightened of God” and “the most beautiful of divinity”. You can connect with him with prayer and invocation.


His name means “God is pure mercy” and is a disciple of the Supreme for altruism.


It has different meanings like “he who is at the feet of the throne of God” and “he who shares his crown”.


“He who is praise of God” and “divine penance”, those are the meanings of this Angel.


He is the bearer of the Grace of God and is known as “the one who brings divine joy”.


One of the most welcomed decks, signifying the strength of God. It carries divine energy and power.


His message means the ending of something. Its meaning in the deck is the “closure of divinities”.

Camael or Chamuel

He is interpreted as “the one who visualizes God”, the one who seeks perfection.


Known as the “Angel of death”, he is known as the archangel who helps God.


He is the disciple of God and his name means “God is generous”.


Called by the name “the Lion of God”. It is a highly anticipated card of fortune.


It represents “one who burns in the hands of God”, he is also called “the fiery”.

In the next part we will see some of the fairy cards meanings.

Fairy Malekin

If this card appears, it means that you will have true love and find the solution to a complicated relationship


Giane is a sign that you will get positive predictions. It knows the inner world of the human being and can guess your future with great skill.

The Priestess

It represents kindness and sweetness, and will favor you with new opportunities in your life.


It symbolizes bold character and entrepreneurship. It gives a message of firm decision in your relationship.

Oracle of the Angels of Light

One of the key differences between the angel tarot from other decks is that you don’t have to mentally prepare before a spread. 

This is because the archangels are already connected with you spiritually, and can go to you anytime. 

Your clairvoyant or tarot reader will be in charge of taking their messages through the cards you choose, and let you know their meaning

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